I Pure Rose Water

I Pure Rose Water
I Pure Rose Water

I Pure Rose Water

S2S Naturals I’Pure Rose Water/Gulab jal, Natural, Chemical Free, 100% steam distilled (GLASS BOTTLE with spray)

  • 100% natural steam distillate of roses-no preservatives, added colors, fragrances, or chemicals.
  • Packed in Tinted Glass bottle that prevents degradation of rose water from sunlight and is 100% safe from harmful chemicals form plastic bottle.
  • Use daily as toner in all skin type- soothes sensitive skin, hydrates dry skin and reduces pores in oily skin.
  • INTRODUCTORY OFFER: After buying, Whats App on phone number provided on the bottle to get FREE SKIN CARE COUNSELLING FROM OUR BEAUTY EXPERTS.
Rs. 275.00

Our I’Pure Rose Water has anti-inflammatory, skin repairing, anti-ageing, anti-acne, soothing and pore minimizing action.

TONER FOR DRY TO NORMAL SKIN: Wipe your face with I’ Pure rose water after washing your face to balance skin pH and hydrate your skin.

TONER FOR OILY SKIN: Add 5 ml of Apple cider vinegar to I’ Pure rose water and use as toner twice a day to reduce pore size, oil secretion, blackheads and pimples.

MAKEUP REMOVER: Add 10 ml of Apple cider vinegar to 100 ml of rose water and use as make-up remover.

REFRESH YOUR SKIN: Spray I’ Pure rose water to refresh your skin instantly. (5) CALMS SUNBURN: Massage rose water mixed with our I 'Soothe aloe Vera gel on sunburn every 2 hours to calm sunburn.

SOOTHES SENSITIVE SKIN: Daily use of I’ Pure rose water as a toner soothes sensitive skin.

POST WAXING: Massage I’ Pure rose water mixed I’ Soothe aloe Vera gel just after waxing to reduce redness.

This Product doesn’t contain SLS, Sulfates, Paraben, Phthalate, Synthetic Color, Artificial Fragrance





Rose petals


Rose plant

Soothes your skin, minimizes pores, hydrates from within.



Rose petals are boiled in pure water and steam is collected as rose water.

Hydrates your skin

Its really amazing …my friend recommended this product..its been 2 weeks since I have started to use it …my skin feels so soft and radiant.

Product is natural and smell is also like real roses no artificial fragrance. No chemicals. I used it and i like the product.

So cooling and refreshing! Thousand times better than Dabur gulabari. Must try!
Liza Sharma

It feels great on the skin and you can see that it's pure rose water because it doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky after application.
Mansi Chopra

I had given up on Indian rose water after trying several top brands that sell artificially scented tapwater. This is the real thing. How do I know? Just try this test: if the rose water feels cool on skin even in hot weather or in a hot room, i.e. has a slightly lower than room temperature, it is pure.

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